Dear friends,

    Russian aggression against Ukraine continues, more and more countries are stepping up to help Ukraine to fight for its freedom and sovereignty, giving humanitarian and military aid. At the same time we feel that the World is kind of “getting tired” of war, and this topic is fading into the worlds news.
    It’s necessary and very critical to do everything possible to keep Ukraine on the radars of the Global Community.
    We believe that having a second team from Ukraine competing in the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) in 2023 in Italy would also serve this purpose.
    This team would consist of two operators: young contester Yaroslav, UW7LL, who made it into the Top Ten at previous WRTC in Germany (2018) and WRTC veteran Yuri VE3DZ/UT4UZ (7 previous WRTC, best score is #4 at WRTC-2006).Both are the World and Continental winners of many HF Contests and eligible to participate in the WRTC according to their rank on the WRTC-2022 selection process.
    We hoped for the Wild Card selection, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Our only chance now is to be one of the “Donor Teams”, but for that we need to donate 15,000 EUROs to WRTC-2022 organizers.
   If we will be able to collect necessary funds, our team will reserve one of 5 available Donor team seats. So far we were able to raise about $7,000, so we need approximately $9,000 more.
Your help would be greatly appreciated. The list of all Donors will be published here and on WRTC-2022 the website.
    You may donate in different ways:
- by PayPal or Credit Card using link: or to
- by Cheque, E-transfer, or directly to either UW7LL or VE3DZ (please contact for details).
    All donated funds eventually will be transferred to WRTC-2022 committee and will be used to support WRTC-2022.
Thank you in advance!

Update (August 17, 2022):
    Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to transfer a deposit to WRTC-2022, and we are now waiting for the official announcement of our team on WRTC-2022 website. Special gratitude goes to Howard, VE2AED and Micheline, KM6FOH, Olof G0CKV, Tony K2NV and Niagara Frontier Radio Sport, and Alex UT4EK - they contributed the most. The list of all our donors may be found below.

Update (August 21, 2022):
    It's official now! We managed to take the 5th (last) Donor Team slot, thus being the last team selected for the upcoming WRTC-2022 in Italy. Inclusion of our team in WRTC allows us to keep raising the profile of Ukraine and keep her in the public eye. The boost this would give to Ukrainian Amateurs will be immeasurable. Amateur Radio is about friendship, sharing knowledge and helping each other, and we have had many messages of support, and the donations from across the amateur community have been wonderful – they still come in. We still need to donate our balance to WRTC-2022 committee, but now we have almost 2 months to accomplish that. Still need to collect between $5,000 and $5,500, depending on EURO exchange rate on the day of transfer. Thank you for your continued support and your encouragement! Our fundraiser continues.


  • Howard, VE2AED and Micheline, KM6FOH
  • Olof G0CKV
  • Tony K2NV
  • RigExpert USA and Canada, Inc.
  • Double-L Devices
  • Ukrainian Contest Club
  • Alex UT4EK
  • Rudy N2WQ
  • Bruce KM2L
  • Lefteris 5B4AGL
  • Bob N4BP
  • Sergei UX1UA
  • David G3WGN
  • Bob VE3CWU
  • Joe VE3BW
  • Gudmi TF3SG
  • Gary NA6O
  • Robert S53R/9N7AA
  • Cary VE4EA
  • Karel OK1CF
  • Chip K7JA
  • Drew K3PA
  • Valery US0YW
  • Alan EA3HSO
  • Serge UT3UA
  • Andy UR4LRQ
  • Igor VA3FF
  • Les VE3NNT
  • Phil KT3Y
  • Greg W1KM
  • Will WC2L
  • Alex LZ4AX
  • Patrick W7TMT
  • Andy K2LE/P40LE
  • Carsten DM9EE
  • UW4E Contest Team
  • Ed K1EP
  • Falk Hagedorn
  • Dave G4BUO
  • Steve N2AJ
  • Jim K9YC
  • Doug N6TQS
  • Eugene EA5EL
  • Valdas 5B4AOF/VE3VO
  • Edmundas LY3EC
  • Alexander Natsioks
  • Mircea YO3FFJ
  • Igor UR4LTX
  • Dick K2ZR
  • Niagara Frontier Radio Sport
  • Mark K2QO
  • Sidney K3SX
  • Craig W2VM
  • Charlie W2TV
  • George W1EBI
  • Al NH7A/F5VHJ
  • Bob K3UL
  • Dale KG5U
  • Mike VA3MW
  • Stan VE3TW
  • Jack K0JP/VA4JP
  • Walt K2WK
  • Sam UT9FJ
  • John N6JSO
  • Oleg US7UX
  • Jim UW1GZ
  • Albert K2ANZ
  • Rolandas LY4A
  • Ken WO1N
  • Bob GM3ZDH
  • Mike DL7UGN
  • Kev M0TNX
  • Andrzej SP9KR
  • John W2GD/P40W
  • Pavel UR5WCQ
  • Charlie NF4A
  • Steve WX2S
  • Boyan LZ2BE
  • John K1AR
  • Jack W1WEF
  • John WA9AQN
  • Volodymyr UT1QW
  • Andrew UT1ZZ
  • Yuri UT2AA
  • Volodymyr UT7NI
  • Olaf DK2LO
  • Nick VA2VT
  • Mike W2TB
  • Slava US2YW
  • George G0MIT
  • Dave W7AQK
  • Tom N2CU
  • Alex 4Z4AK
  • Jim K2QB
  • Shane WB2WPM
  • Jorge CX6VM
  • Fred AA3R
  • Mike VE9AA
  • Alan N3AD
  • Darrell AB2E
  • Jamie WW3S
  • Mike K4RUM
  • Jan DL3JAN
  • Chris GM3WOJ/ZL1CT
  • Tony VE3RZ
  • Roger VE3ZI
  • Radio Club Mykolaiv
  • Will K6ND
  • Steve AD4K
  • Oleksiy AC1AJ
  • Yuriy N2TTA
  • Lali VE3NE
  • Pierre VE3KTB
  • Bob VA3RKM
  • Pavel VA6AM
  • Yuri UT7XX
  • Art VE3CT/W1AJT
  • Denis DL5SFC


UW7LL Yarik
Yaroslav Oliinyk UW7LL
Team leader 
Age: 34

Previous WRTC:

UT4UZ (VE3DZ) Yuri
Yuri Onipko
Team mate
Age: 61

Previous WRTC:
1996, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018

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